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Bringing Body, Mind, Spirit into a State of Coherence

Have you ever heard of a professional athlete be in ‘the zone’ or ‘in the flow’? Have you ever experienced moments of effortlessness and synchronicities in your own life?

These are examples of being in a coherent state, an optimal state which your body, mind and spirit are well connected and moving in the same direction.

The scientific definition of coherence is the synchronicity between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

Research has shown coherence improves immune, hormonal, cardiovascular, digestive and nervous functions. Coherence increase our ability to self-manage and take charge of our own healing.

When we are in coherence we are able to create and manifest the life that we desire. In coherence you experience ease, joy and creativity.


Stress, anxiety, fear, overwhelm and depression creates chaos which creates incoherency.

When you are in a state of incoherency, you may experience the inability to think clear and make good decisions. Your mental, physical and emotional health are associated with how coherent you are.


When your cells are out of coherence and not in harmony, this creates dis-ease in the body. It is essential that your heart, brain and gut operate in sync in order to be in coherence. Incoherent heart rhythms are where the aging process accelerates. The human system starts to regenerate and revitalize rapidly with coherence.


Are your thoughts and emotions not in alignment with what you desire to create? Are you creating what you do want or are you creating the opposite of what you desire? Having the awareness of what is showing up in your life is a good gauge of if you are in coherence with your mind and heart.


Are you connected to your intuition? Do you even know what your intuition is or how to listen to it?

Mind, Body, Spirit Coaching

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Dawn Briggs

Dawn Briggs is a certified Life & Spiritual Coach, Colon Hydrotherapist, Massage Therapist, Health Consultant, and Doula whose passion is truly supporting, inspiring, and empowering people in their life as well as in their health and wellness journey. She has been helping her clients achieve their health, wellness, and life goals for over 23 years.